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Welcome to Shubh - Neel Chemicals
Shubh Neel Chemicals was established in the year 1985. It was started as proprietary firm by Late Dr.N.S.Bhide, a technocrat from N.C.L.(Pune). It is now run as a H.U.F. of Mr.A.N.Bhide who is the rightful Karta and Proprietor of M/s Shubh-Neel Chemicals.

M/s Shubh-Neel Chemicals is located at ‘S’ Block, J-33, M.I.D.C. Bhosari, Pune-26. We have up to date production facilities with a capacity of manufacturing 1000L of Paints per week. We have well established Lab. for testing of Raw Material and Finish Products.

We have very good storage facilities. We have a good team of semi-skilled and skilled labour with very Good working attitude and workmanship.

Ours is an I.S.O. 9000:2008 company and we strictly follow the norms of I.S.O. Auditor.

Epoxy Paints

Epoxy paint is a two pack system, used for surfaces subjected to highly corrossive conditions....
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Polyurethane Paints

Polyurethane Paint is a two pack system and is used for highly corrosive surfaces...
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Chlorubber Based Paints

Chlorubber based paints are used specially for Swimming Pools...
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Our Motto is to sell our products within Specific time period with
consistent Good quality and at a Reasonable Price.
Introduction To Colours

Basic Colours : White and Black

Colours have always fascinated man, be it a flower, a painting, a rainbow...

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Decorative And Protective Role Of Paints

Paints add colour of life.

Paints help to create the interiors, by adding colours, finish, protection...

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Surface Preparation

Most important job to be carried out prior to painting.

paint cannot help to hide defects in fabrication, or overcome the dents and bends...

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Common Painting Defects

Blistering, Cracking, Peeling, Blooming...

Blistering caused due to loss of adhesion and due to moisture entrapped between the surface...

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Preacautions To Be Taken While Painting

Store the container in cool and dry conditions.

Before painting always get the information of method of application of the paint...

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