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Colours have always fascinated-man, be it a flower, a painting,a rainbow,or, be it the interior of our homes, or any natural surroundings. Colours have always evoked emotions, have harmonized, and have contrasted. In fact colours have been the vehicle for the expression of our individuality. Colours create the interiors, they create pleaseant surroundings, enhances the efficiency of work, give protection and thereby enhances the life of the surface. Colours even influence human emotions.

Classification of Colours

(A) Basic Colours : White and Black

(1) Primary Colours : Red, Blue,Yeliow
These cannot be obtained by intermixing any two or more colours.

(2) Secondary Colours : Orange, Green and Violet
These can be obtained by simple mixing of 2.or more primary colours.

(3) Tertiary Colours : Greys, Light Blues, Greens, Browns etc.
These can be obtained by mixing primary colours and secondary colours in white base and black

Reflectance : All colours reflect light. The reflectance varies from shade to shade.

This quality of reflectance plays an important role in designing colour schemes for various purposes.

The following table gives the reflectance values of various colours.

Whites. 75-85%
Yellows. 65-75%
Greens. 12-17%
Reds 4-18%
Blues 6-15%
Blacks 1-3%
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